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Ultra Sonic Rat Repellers Devices
A device which repels rodents and other creepers from entering the premise. The vibrationproduced by these devices prohibits rodents from invading your premise.

ADVANTAGES Of Ultrasonic Rats Repellents Device

  • Harmless to human and most pets.

  • CLEAN and SAFE.

  • No toxic chemical or massy traps.

  • Compact and Hendy.

  • Easy to install.

  • Negligible power construction maintenance.

  • Can operate 24 hours non-stop.

  • Different from medicines smoke/odor without the fear of second pollution.

  • No recurring expenses one time investment.

Ultrasonic Rat Repeller (Commercial Model),
Coverage - 2000 Sq. Ft.


Delivers All Over India - Resellers are welcome!

Pest Are repelled Using ultrasonic and sounds to create a noisy, hostile environment for the pests and yet one that is safe for human and domesticated animals. The sounds are based on “psychoacoustic jamming” principles. 

The Speficifations of the Commercial Rat and Rodent Repellers.

The effective coverage of the unit in the LOUD pitch setting can be 930m2 or more (10.000 square feet). because higher frequency sound dissipate rapidly, area coverage with LOW pitch is up to 230m2 and 185m2 on HIGH pitch (2500/2000 square feet) Coverage may be affected by room acoustics and sound deadening materials as be present (curtains, carpets, sound proof walls, calling, etc.) In addition, objects directly in the path of the ultrasound can form acoustic “shadow” behind them. High frequency sounds do not pass through walls & only slightly through contains coverage within a room can be improved by bouncing the sound off rellecting objects. Hard & smooth surfaces tend to rellect almost all of the incident energy. Hard but rough walls may reflect 70% or more carpets and acoustic walls may reflect less than 30%.

Place the transonic above the floor avoid aiming down the center of a hallway of open area unless you are using LOW or LOUD pitch. Instead, try to aim toward sound reflecting objects to obtain a ricochet pattern. This Will Increase effective coverage area begins by placing the unit in area where pests are most numerous. When the pest problem is alleviated, move the unit to a central location for best total coverage.

When using the transonic out doors in the HIGH pitch mode, use walls to ricochet the sound waves so as to get better coverage. IN the LOW and LOUD pitch model; the lower frequency sounds will carry further and not dissipate as rapidly in the open the sound pattern produced is flats “teardrop” about 30 meter long and 21 meter wide (100*70 feet). Have this pattern in Mind when using the unit to keep pests out of a garden. humidity and wind may affect the acoustical properties.

Although designed to be water repellant, the unit can be damaged if immersed in water. The Speaker Should not be exposed directly to rain or sprinklers. When used outdoors, place the unit above ground level so that water can drain away.

The Transonic should be in operation 2 hours a day. The only exception might be in the unit is used for repelling birds, deer, and other lager wild animals that only tend to be a problem either during the day or night.

Food Processing factories, pharmaceutics
Area Covered will depend up to the following
The interior layout of the place
style/system of storage
the content of storage
The cleanliness of area etc.

Do not place transonic on carpeted surface. behind furniture, draperies or other soft objects as they will absorb the sound waves
Do not place transonic next to your ear before performing this check
Do not use outdoor or let the come in contact with water.