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Your pets often carries carcasses of dead animals which looks alike that of a mouse?
If Yes, then a new guest has made his way to your place and that too from the rodent family.
Would you like to welcome or would you like to kick these guests out of your place before it’s too late?

As the population of human being is increasing a rapid growth in the population of pests can also be seen, especially of Rodents family. With the increment in industrialization, the damping of garbage and other rubbish materials is also increasing; all the scraps from industries, homes, hotels, etc are thrown in large amount either in rivers or ground proposed for disposal. But have we ever notice how these stuffs are disposed? Well before recycling these stuffs, they are kept for many days as it is. This gives several golden opportunities to the pests to feed themselves and survive.
Norway Rats
The Brown rat, Gray rat, Common rat, House rat, Wharf rat, Sewer rat, Barn rat and Water rat.
Roof Rats
Roof Rats are probably the most common rat species found. They are also known as Alexandrian rats, Black rats...
House Mice
The House mouse is a small, slender rodent with a slightly pointed nose; small, black, somewhat protruding eyes...
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